Simply Puppets! presents original puppet shows and puppetry workshops to schools, libraries, museums, birthday parties and other venues with an audience from 20 to 200+.

Simply Puppets! mixes puppetry and live performers to create interactive stories.

Simply Puppets! is located in South Florida.

Simply Puppets! puppeteers are members of The Puppeteers of America and The Puppet Guild of South Florida.

David Goboff grew up on Long Island in New York.  He lived with his parents and older sister and usually a cat.  He moved to Florida in 1996 with Debbie his (then) very pregnant wife and 2 kids, Tanya and Bill.  He now lives in Weston with his lovely wife, and his youngest daughter, Lauren.  Tanya and Bill have flown the coop and are doing well on their own.

In his career David as worn many many hats.  Some of them are: a bus boy, a printing factory employee, a groomer of horses in private stables, a machinist in a small electronics shop and for many years as a computer programmer and IT manager.  He earned a BFA in Theater and has his own puppet company called, Simply Puppets.  Simply Puppets came into existence as a platform for performing with his family.  It was something they could all do together from writing the plays, making the puppets and performing the shows.  His wife, Debbie and his daughter Lauren continue to perform with Simply Puppets but much of the work is now carried on by David as a solo performer and workshop facilitator.